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Deposit and Defence

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1)    Requirements for making the deposit:

  1. Have registered the UD or MD.
  2. Be approved by the dissertation director(s).
  3. Only for undergraduate students: have a maximum of ECTS to pass for the degree, which may include the two obligatory credits for B1 language level, unless there is an express to the contrary from the Verification Report of the degree, or in a regulation of higher rank that affects the degree. Master’s students must have passed all credits of the degree.

2)    Deadline for making the deposit:

Students must make the deposit during the period in which they will hold the defence, always within the dates established for this purpose, which will be approved annually by the Faculty Board.

Once all the open calls of the academic year have passed, the student must re-register if they did not make the deposit.


Calendar consultation    (Deposit and Defence) 2017/2018 Academic Year

Calendar consultation    (Deposit and Defence) 2018/2019 Academic Year

3)    Deposit procedure and documentation to provide

To defend the dissertation in the selected period, IT WILL BE AN ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENT to have completed the following deposit procedures:

1. Electronic deposit of the dissertation in DEPOSITA.

2. Physical deposit of the dissertation at the Department Secretariat, degree headquarters

3. Presentation of the deposit and defence application to the Faculty Secretariat, according to the standard model (for the purposes of EDC, the degree must be presented in Spanish and English, with approval by the Director(s).

  Application Form

The three procedures must be done respecting the deadline set for each open call. If a student undertakes any of the three procedures after this date, they will NOT be able to hold the defence until the following open call.

The procedure will be carried out in the following way:

1st Electronic deposit in DEPOSITA:


Found via the following link:

The instructions on how to carry this out can be found on the Help tab of the aforementioned repository.

The student will be responsible for writing the Dissertation and will guarantee that the deposited document is exactly the same as the Dissertation they will defend.

2nd Physical deposit of the Undergraduate Dissertation or Master's Dissertation at the Department Secretariat, degree headquarters: 

a) Printed copy of the dissertation with all appendices, where applicable. The front cover will be standardized (the model can be downloaded from the FAQ section, found on the Help tab in DEPOSITA)

b) Copy in electronic format: a single document in standard PDF format, including appendices

c) Copy of the receipt for electronic deposit in the University of Zaragoza's DEPOSITA

d) Summary of the work done (one page) produced by the author and presented separately from the rest of the document. (This will be the same as the text introduced to DEPOSITA).

Degree headquarters department:

Undergraduates      Master’s

3rd Presentation of the deposit and defence at the Faculty Secretariat: 


The deposit and defence application must be handed in as a standardized form, signed by the dissertation director(s), along with a copy of the email which confirms that the electronic deposit in DEPOSITA was completed.

This procedure is obligatory and must be done prior to the public dissertation defence. The selected defence period will be unwaiverable, so that non-attendance at the defence appointment will result in the grade of Not Present (NP) in the exam report.

If you do not pass the Dissertation in the selected sitting, the full deposit procedure described in the previous paragraphs must be re-initiated.


Open Calls and Defence Periods

 Enrolment gives the student the right to present the UD or MD to be defended, at a maximum of two open calls in each academic year to be chosen from those approved by the Faculty Board for each academic year (they take place approximately in the months of February, July, October and December).

Calendar consultation (Deposit and Defence) 2017/2018 Academic Year

Calendar consultation (Deposit and Defence) 2018/2019 Academic Year

Defence Summons and Procedure:

The defence will be public. The organization of the event and the summons for the student (place, day and time it is held) is the responsibility of the degree headquarters department.

The defence will consist of an oral presentation by the student, lasting 10 minutes for UD and 20 minutes for MD, before an exam board and as a public session.

Review and Appeal.

Th review and appeal procedures for grades obtained in the current assessment regulations at UZ.

 More Information

Publication of proceedings and decisions

All the proceedings and decisions relating to the deposit and defence of UDs and MDs will be published on the department and Faculty Notice Boards, serving as official notification.