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Accreditation. B1 level accreditation

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Students who study any of these three Degree courses will NOT have to accredit B1 language level in accordance with the Common European Framework for Languages (CEFL) in order to earn their degree.


The five qualifications whose students must have level B1 accredited in order to achieve their degree are: Classics, Hispanic Philology, History, History of Art and Geography and Land Planning.

B1 can be accredited in the following ways:

1. Recognition of language level by presenting an accreditation certificate.

2. Passing the University Centre for Modern Languages (UCML) test.

    To take the test, you can include the subject at degree enrolment or formalize it directly at the UCML.

    IMPORTANT NOTICE: We recommend that you enrol the module as part of your degree studies, as the cost is lower and gives you the right to two exam sittings. 

1. Recognition of language level by presenting a B1 accreditation certificate in any of the four possible languages. The Language Certification Commission at the University of Zaragoza has produced equivalence charts for each language which can be consulted via the following website:

The application will be presented to the Faculty Secretariat during the following periods:

 1st September to 3st October

 1st to 15th February    



25% of the price of the credit will be charged for accreditation, in accordance with the Decree on Public Prices approved by the Government of Aragón.

?Important: If the studies to be accredited do not appear in the aforementioned equivalence tables, there is the possibility of presenting the B1 LANGAUGE STUDIES ACCREDITATION APPLICATION FORM, addressed to the DEGREE STUDIES COMMISSION, providing the original and a copy of the certification to be accredited.

2. Those who do not have a B1 certificate can take the test held by the University Centre for Modern Languages (UCML). This can be done in two different ways:

-Enrolling the module with the sigma code at self-enrolment:

   24900 Modern English Language B1

   24901 Modern French Language B1

   24902 Modern German Language B1

   24903 Modern Italian Language B1

   Students will have the right to two exam sittings (May and September)

   Once the test has been passed, no further procedures need to be carried out with the Faculty’s Secretariat.

   If the student wishes to obtain the official B1 level certificate, s/he should apply for it at the UCML, after having paid the corresponding fees.

-By formalizing enrolment at the UCML, in the periods for this purpose.  More Information

  Students will have the right to one single exam sitting.

Once the test has been passed, the student will collect the B1 certificate from the UCML. A copy must be delivered to the Faculty Secretariat in order for the level to be accredited.