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Degree in History

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The fundamental aim of History is to construct and transmit a rational and critical understanding of the past with the aim that individuals and society in general can understand their present. For this reason, History constitutes knowledge that is indispensable for progress, both personal and collective and, as a consequence, it deserves to be cultivated, taught and divulged. For this reason, the Degree in History is designed so that students gain general training in knowledge of History, which is also aimed at preparing them for professional activities.

 At the University of Zaragoza, studying history has a long tradition and a great academic reputation. Currently, it is the most popular qualification offered by the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, and it occupies a well-regarded position amongst Spanish universities. It also forms part of the university curriculum in Europe, albeit with different focuses, methodologies and content.

What’s more, at our University the content and our methods in History studies have undergone constant development and evolution, in accordance with the thematic and procedural transformations in historiography and the ways of understanding the past. At the same time, they have been adapted to changes in the educational system and the cultural demands of society and its institutions.

Certainly, the Degree in History trains historians, but the training of its graduates includes abilities, competencies and skills required by a wide, diverse labour market, such as exists now, which demands versatile professional profiles.

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Academic year 2017-2018 and previous  Academic year 2018-2019

Dept.: Department of Modern and Contemporary History

Coordinator: Dr. Jesús Gascón Pérez (