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 Periods for applying for admission for the 2022/2023 ACADEMIC YEAR

 - 1st phase: 4nd March to 31st March

- 2nd phase: 16th June to 4th July

- 3rd phase: 1th September to 9th September

 Admission and enrolment calendar for master’s degrees. 2022/2023 Academic Year

Who can apply to a Master’s Degree:

Students with a non-accredited foreign qualification issued by a country outside the European Higher Education Area must present the following documentation prior to admission, in the months of May and June.

Ways of presenting the admission request:

As a general rule, the application will be submitted online by filling out the form and following the instructions found here:

For your request to be processed, it is ESSENTIAL that SCANNED COPIES of the required documentation are attached.

In exceptional cases, the entry request may be presented by filling out the official form which is available via the following address, and by delivering it to the centre secretariat, indicated as first preference:

One request must be presented for each of the study programmes to which the student wishes to be admitted.

The result of the admission will be published on the notice boards and on the Faculty’s website.

More information about deadlines, procedures, documentation to be handed in, etc., can be found here: