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European Degree Supplement

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 What is the European Degree Supplement?

The European Degree Supplement is a unified information model, personalized for university graduates, for the subjects studied, their national context and the professional skills and competencies acquired. It emerged in 1977 in Lisbon, backed by the European Council, UNESCO and the European University Association, and it was ratified in the year 2000 in Prague.

Who can apply for the EDS?

All university graduates. Graduates should have finished their degree after the September 2003 open call.

If you cannot come personally, you can authorize someone else.

When can you apply for the EDS?

At any time after finishing your studies. You can apply when you apply for your Degree Certificate, or after.

What do you need to request the EDS?

If you request it when applying for your degree certificate, you do not need to provide any documentation.

If you apply for it separately, you should provide a copy of your ID document and pay the corresponding fees.

How many EDSs can I request?

Only one per completed degree?

Where do I have to apply?

At the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, between 9am and 2pm (Monday to Friday).

Collecting the EDS

In person, at the centre secretariat, presenting your ID document, NIE or passport. 

If you cannot come to collect it, it can be given to a third party with authorization.

If you live outside of Zaragoza, in another province or outside of Spain, you can request that we send the EDS to your address. For this, you need to send us this application form, along with a copy of your ID document.

According to Decree 108/2017, of 4th July, by the Government of Aragón, which sets the public prices for university academic services for the 2017/2018 academic year, from the 18th September 2017, postage will have the following rates:

EDS postage (Europe, including Spain)


EDS postage (outside Europe)


More information on the EDS and fees:

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