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Degree in Hispanic Philology

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Degree studies in Hispanic Philology respond to the importance of the Spanish language and literatures in the process of education and the growing demand that exists across the world for this knowledge.

These studies are aimed at training specialists who meet the socio-professional needs that changes in the modern world have created in different fields:

  • They guarantee, with respect to other qualifications, the most precise and scientific knowledge of the language of the extensive Spanish-speaking community.  Moreover, Spanish is the second most spoken language on the planet, and in this sense it surpasses all other European languages.
  • These studies are aimed at training teachers in secondary education and Spanish universities, who instruct young students both in the correct usage of the Spanish language as well as in reading and interpreting literary texts written in the language.
  •  This degree trains specialist teachers of Spanish as a foreign language, as well as disseminating the literature and culture.

PREP COURSES 2020-21. for new students

Studies programm Degree in Hispanic Philology (Plan 2008) [To extinguish]

Studies programm Degree in Hispanic Philology (Plan 2018) [Renovated]

For more information on former students’ professional profiles, teaching staff, full details on modules, subjects and courses, teaching guides, access and admission, regulations, quality, etc., click the following link.

Plan 2008 (To extinguish)                                                                  Plan renovated 2018

Dept.: Spanish Philology

Coordinator: Dr. Enrique Aletá Alcubierre (