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Facility Reservation.

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The Faculty’s various rooms feature on the reservation of spaces website.

They are organized into various categories:

TEACHING ROOMS are the classrooms in the main building and the Philology Pavilion. They are used for regular teaching (this activity takes priority over others) and the Front Desk staff is in charge of opening and closing them,

INTERFACULTIES ROOMS are the classrooms used by the Faculty in this building, and they are managed by the Interfaculties Front Desk.

IT ROOMS are the Faculty’s classrooms with computers for students which are used for teaching with specific needs. To use them, the professor must collect the key from the Front Desk and return it when finished, leaving the classroom locked,

MARÍA MOLINER LIBRARY. The spaces available in this building are work rooms no. 3 and no. 4 and the User Training Room. The professor will collect the key from the Library’s Front Desk.

SEMINARS are departmental teaching spaces managed by each department.

The MAIN AREA includes the Faculty’s representational rooms: The Magna Classroom, the Meeting Room, the San Vicente Room and the Assembly Hall, which are directly managed by the Dean’s team. Institutional and governmental use by the Faculty itself have priority in this area.

As well as these spaces, other more specific spaces are available, for example work rooms for students and different laboratories.

By clicking on the information icon which appears on the website next to the name of each space, you can access complete information about its location, equipment and capacity.


The person whose name the reservation is made in is responsible for the facilities and the space’s equipment. Time schedules must be respected and the space will be left clean and tidy. Any incidents must be reported to the Front Desk.

If for any reason the reserved space is not going to be used (whether it is a one-off reservation or for regular teaching), the Front Desk should be advised so the room is not left open, and where applicable, it may be used for another activity. Your cooperation will allow us to better use and care for our resources.

Any change to regular teaching must be previously authorized by the Vice Dean of Teaching, Infrastructure and Service Organization.


It is advisable to make reservations at least 3 working days in advance, to prevent last minute issues.

You should fill out the reservation form which is provided by the programme. Don't forget to include your name and surname, and a brief description of the purpose of the reservation. If the space requested belongs to the Main Area, you must also fill out this form and hand it in to the Professor Secretary.

Once your reservation has been requested, you will receive an email with the details to the request, which will not come into effect until you have received a second confirmation email. You should check that the confirmed reservation coincides with your request via the programme.

When the activity that is to be carried out is not directly related to teaching or is not in the general interest of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, the “Procedure for hiring spaces” will be followed, which is outlined here