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Accreditation. Activity Accreditation Submission

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Those who promote activities suitable for accreditation in undergraduate degree studies may present the application to the Faculty Secretariat, addressed to the Commission for the Guarantee of Quality of Undergraduate Qualifications.

The form must be accompanied by a record of the activity, which should include the following points:

  • Name of the activity, and a brief description and programme.
  • Teaching staff and/or experts who take part in teaching, indicating their university of origin, where applicable.
  • Duration of the activity (in hours), specifying the number of hours dedicated to theory and practice, and also the hours necessary for producing pieces of work, if this is expected.
  • When applying for accreditation of Undergraduate degree credits, justify alignment of the activity with the qualification(s) for those for which accreditation is sought.
  • Indicate if there is assessment, and if so, what type.
  • Where the activity is held.
  • Activity calendar.

Application form

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