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Exam Date Change

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Mon , 20/03/2023 - 11:05

With enough notice, students may request changes to the date of an exam from the professor who is responsible for the module, when any of the following circumstances occur, which the affected student must be able to prove:

a) Being a member of a representative collegiate body with statutory recognition, and when the exam coincides with a meeting of this body, or takes place in the following 24 hours.

b) An instance of legally recognized force majeure takes place, which justifies the impossibility of attending the exam. The reasons must be clearly justified to the centre, which will communicate them to the professor.

c) Be a Professional or High Level sportsperson, and feature as such in the Official State Gazette, or the Gazette of an Autonomous Community, and be participating in qualifying competitions which coincide with the exam. Students must present the proper proof, validated by the vice-rector who has the proper authority to do so.

d) Be participating in cultural activities as a representative of the University, which coincide with the exams and which are validated by the vice-rector who has the proper authority to do so.

If the exam schedule results in a student having two exams for the same qualification on the same day, as a consequence of being obliged to enrol or due to unforeseen circumstances, the affected student will have the right to move one of these exams to a different day.

The application must be processed at least fifteen days before the day of the exams.

Important: in the event that the situation is not included amongst any of the scenarios included in the Learning Evaluation Regulations, the application must be resolved by the Rector of the University of Zaragoza. As such, it is recommended that you formulate it at least 20 days before the test is held.