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Degree in Modern Languages

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The degree in Modern Languages responds to the transformations of an ever more multilingual and multicultural society, which requires university graduates capable of communicating in two or more modern languages, and who can analyse and interpret their different textual and sociocultural manifestations. It is about providing a solid scientific training in language, literature and culture to train specialists with an instrumental command of at least two languages and sufficient knowledge of the specific linguistics, literature and culture of each one.

The Degree in Modern Languages prepares very competent professionals in at least four areas:

1. Graduates capable of understanding, disseminating, filtering, analysing and interpreting the dynamics of the culture related to the languages studied.

2. Training qualified educational agents and advisers for textual and ideological interpretation.

3. Educators trained in the field of culture, literature and the practice of at least two modern languages, and a basic critical capacity for interpreting texts.

4. Specialists who are excellently trained in the knowledge of a foreign language and the literature and culture related to it, and well trained in the knowledge of at least a second foreign language, and the literature and culture related to it.

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Academic year 2017-2018 and previous  Academic year 2018-2019

Dept.: French Philology

Coordinator: Dr. Azucena Macho Vargas (