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Master’s Degree in Advanced History of Art Studies

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Providing students with advanced training in specialised areas in the study of History of Art and ensuring they acquire the necessary competencies to develop a high-quality research project of scientific rigour within a specific area of the chosen field of study.
As such, this Master’s Degree represents an ideal learning journey for all graduates, preferably with a degree in History of Art, or where applicable, a qualification related to the field of Arts and Humanities, who:

  • wish to deepen their knowledge of specific areas of the discipline at an advanced level,
  • need to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities necessary to develop a research project in the field of History of Art, whether it is a doctoral thesis or another type of study which involves an original contribution to the discipline (future professionals dedicated to teaching and research as university professors or members of institutions or research centres),
  • want to work in (or who already work in) professions which involve carrying out research projects in the field of History of Art, as is the case with curators at museums and image centres (film libraries, photo archives, etc.), managers of historical/artistic and cultural heritage in the institutional and business world, professionals linked to exhibitions and/or the market for works of art at institutions or cultural centres (public and private), art galleries, auction or antiques houses, and professionals linked to work involving producing, documenting and disseminating content related to the History of Art.

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Academic Year 2017-2018 and previousAcademic Year 2018-2019

Dept.: History of Art

Coordinator: Isabel Yeste Navarro (