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Accreditation. Master’s Studies

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The basic accreditation criteria for credits will be alignment between the content and the duration of the modules studied by students, and the skills of the target modules, as expressed in the Master’s teaching guides, or that have a cross-curricula nature.

In general, only credits that originate from modules that have really been studied and passed will be accredited. Under no circumstances can the following be accredited:

  • Validated, adapted or accredited modules
  • Master’s Thesis
  • Partial module content

Accreditation of partial Master’s level credits studied in Doctorate Programmes of the regulated by RD 778/98 and previous credits from prior studies origin of the new Master’s will be resolved by applying the equivalence tables approved by the Teaching Commission, by the proposal of the corresponding Department with prior Master's Coordinator Report.

Accreditation of credits from studies conforming to previous systems:

This will always be done considering the alignment between the knowledge and skills derived from the original studies and those included in the target studies.

  1. Official Bachelor’s, Engineer or Architect qualification: the accreditation cannot surpass 50% of the total credits, excluding the Master’s thesis.
  2. Credits obtained in other official Master’s Degree studies.
  3. Credits obtained in official doctoral studies under Royal Decree 778/1998 or previous regulations, and for studies conducive to the official qualification of Master’s Degree, must consider two circumstances:

a) If the studies prior to the doctorate were part of a Masters, credits can be accredited and the payment of fees will be waived.

b) If the studies prior to the doctorate were not part of a Masters, they may be accredited in the same way as in the previous case but will involve the payment of fees.

Accreditation of professional or work experience:

Accredited professional and work experience may also be validated as credits which will be calculated for the purposes of obtaining an official qualification, as long as this experience is related to the skills inherent to the degree.

Accreditation of non-official studies:

The number of credits to be accredited that originate from professional or work experience and non-official university studies cannot be more than a total of 15 per cent of the total number of credits that constitute the curriculum. Accreditation of these credits will not include their qualification, and as such they will not be calculated for the purpose of evaluating the record.

Price of accreditation:

In accordance with the Decree on Public Prices, for the accreditation of credits established in Royal Decree 1393/2007, of 29th October, by which the organization of official university studies is established, 25% of the price of the recognized credits will be paid. Scholarship status will not be taken into account for the payment of these fees.


For all types of accreditations:

- 1st September to 31st October.


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