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Degree in Philosophy

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Those who choose to enrol in the new Degree in Philosophy at the University of Zaragoza will see their ability to think about and reflect on what they already know and believe in a rational, critical manner strengthened. Here there are no recipes or magic formulas that guarantee instant success. The merits and achievements of philosophy are not necessarily measured quantitatively. Instead, it is about reflective knowledge and a way of life: a love for knowledge and a good life, based on knowledge, reflection, critique, tolerance, and respect for others and oneself.

The teaching of philosophy has been framed in many different ways over history. Our Degree follows some of these thematic lines: discovering the history of the discipline, identifying the foundations of knowledge, reflecting on ethical values and their repercussions in society, debating the causes and consequences of human actions, discovering the tacit assumptions underlying all discourse and constructing clear, rigorous and convincing arguments related to the aforementioned.

As such, upon finishing their studies, our students will understand the concepts, theories and working methods of the most notable philosophers. Furthermore, they will learn to apply them to various areas of life, to expand on them through research and analysis, and transmit them through any level of our educational system.

Anyone who is curious to understand the world they live in without external mediation, here will find a good place to start their journey.

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Academic year 2017-2018 and previous  Academic year 2018-2019

Dept.: Philosophy

Coordinator: José Luís López y López de Lizaga (