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Exam sittings

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Tue , 28/02/2023 - 10:16

Article 158 1.d) of the Statutes of the University of Zaragoza establishes that students have the right to two exam sittings per module each academic year.

The modules that are taught by the Faculty may be quarterly, semesterly or annual. The exam sittings take place in the following months:


1st sitting

2nd sitting

First quarter/semester



Second quarter/semester



Modules without teaching:

• In the case of undergraduate curricula which are being discontinued, the exam sittings for the modules without teaching will be the same as those in the last academic year in which they were taught.

Undergraduate and Master's Dissertations:

These can be defended in two sittings per academic year, to be chosen from those approved by the Faculty Board for each academic year:

    Deposit and Defence

Calculating exam sittings:

Undergraduate and Master’s Students: in general, they will have a maximum of six exam sittings for the final evaluation of each module. For this purpose, all of the exam sittings at which the student is present will be counted and, in the event that they do not submit to the established evaluation procedures, one per academic year. The first time that the student enrols in studies and in first year modules, only the exam sittings at which the student was present will be counted.

When calculating whether the University’s minimum requirements have been met, the exam sittings in which the average success rate in the last three years is lower than 40% or 33% in the last year, or at 50% presented in the last year, will not be counted. The success rate is defined as the percentage relationship between the total number of credits passed by the students of a course and the total number of credits presented at the exam.  The presented rate is defined at the percentage relationship between the total number of students present in relation to those enrolled.


• In exceptional cases the Rector, by the proposal of the Centre’s Commission for Minimum Requirements, and with the report from the University’s Commission for Minimum Requirements, may on one occasion grant two exam sittings to students who have not previously met the minimum requirements, allowing them to enrol as long as it can be demonstrated that special circumstances arose which impeded their dedication to their studies. In this concession, the student may also be requested to take part in a part-time curriculum.