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Master's Degree in Digital Communication and Information Consultancy

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Since the 2016-17 academic year, the University of Zaragoza has officially offered the Master’s in Digital Communication and Information Consultancy, with public prices. It is a professionally oriented Master's, with a programme of external work experience, which is taught in a blended learning mode. It is also possible to continue to doctoral studies.

This Master's Degree is aimed at graduates and professionals, independent of their qualifications, who are interested in beginning or strengthening a career specializing in corporate communication and information.

A consultant assesses, develops and evaluates projects that integrate information management and communication strategies at companies and organizations in a digital environment. For this reason, there are three competencies to be achieved:

  1.  Acquire advanced knowledge and show well-founded understanding of the methodology of information management and digital communication at an organization.
  2. Ability to manage and coordinate planning, design and evaluation of a consultancy in digital communication and information.
  3. Ability to apply techniques that allow monitoring and estimation of the development of complex situations, and to establish corrective measures linked to the management of corporate communication and information at an organization.

The Master’s also allows you to achieve one of two specialisms: information services or corporate communication.

As a blended learning mode, the majority of the process of instruction and learning is done remotely, through activities via the University of Zaragoza’s Virtual Campus. Modules have textual and audiovisual resources created by the Master's teaching staff or from the public domain. Practical activities and formative assessment are scheduled with the help of communication tools, group work and remote online tutoring. Seven on-site sessions are organized every quarter with the teaching staff, approximately every fourteen days.

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Academic Year 2017-2018 Academic Year 2018-2019

Department: Documentation Sciences and History of Science.
Coordinator: Miguel Ángel Esteban Navarro (