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Curriculum adaptation

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Mon , 12/11/2018 - 10:19

Adaptation: Involves changing to new Undergraduate studies, which substitute the discontinued curriculum through the application of equivalence charts between subjects.

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Current curricula (Bachelor’s)


Classical Philology


Hispanic Philology

Hispanic Philology

French Philology

No equivalency

English Philology

English Studies

Geography and Land Planning

Geography and Land Planning



History of Art

History of Art

- Modules will be adapted by applying the corresponding equivalence charts to the modules that the student has passed in the discontinued curriculum See equivalence charts by qualification

- In all modules that need to be adapted, the grades obtained will be respected, and the “Criteria for the Adaptation of discontinued curricula to the Undergraduate studies that will replace them” will be applied, approved by agreement on 9th July 2010 by the Faculty’s Teaching Commission.  See Teaching Commission’s Criteria

- Adaptation does not have any economic cost, unless the legislation by which the public prices are set indicates so.

- Students of curricula to be discontinued have a guaranteed place on the new course as long as they have passed a module on the course that is discontinued.

- IMPORTANT: The “Regulations on Minimum Requirements for official degrees adapted to the EHEA at the University of Zaragoza” which came into effect in the 2010-2011 academic year is applicable to the students who adapt to the new undergraduate degrees. See the Regulations approved by agreement of the Social Council on 28th October 2014 here:


Procedure for requesting adaptation and enrolment:

It must be remembered that enrolment cannot be formalized if the adaptation of the academic record has not been done beforehand. The following procedure will be followed:

A) THE STUDENT requests Adaptation of their record from the Faculty’s Secretariat using the standard form.

Request form

Deadlines: 1st to 30th September.

B) The Faculty’s SECRETARIAT performs the provisional adaptation of the academic record and sends it to the student at the email address noted in their request. (This notification system will be the one usually used in the adaptation procedure. As such, we kindly request that students write their email address clearly).

C) THE STUDENT confirms the adaptation by sending a signed paper copy to the Faculty’s Secretariat together with the properly filled-out enrolment forms and the relevant documentation (scholarship, receipt, etc.).

D) The Faculty SECRETARIAT formalizes the enrolment and sends a copy to the student via email.