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Degree Certificate Application

What is the Degree Certificate?

It is an official document that accredits the completion of official studies, issued by the competent authority in accordance with current legislation.


To apply for the Degree you must have passed all required credits and, as such, they feature on your transcripts.

Before going to the Secretariat, we recommend that you check that all the grades are already on your transcripts, by consulting the record via the Virtual Secretariat:

Virtual Secretariat

How do I apply for the Degree Certificate?

Place: Faculty Secretariat.

You should bring:

  • Original and 2 photocopies of your current I.D. document or passport (and certified photocopy of the Civil Registry document or family book, in the event of a discrepancy with the I.D. document details).
  • Where applicable, proof of fee waiver or reduction (original and photocopy, or certified photocopy): large families (general category) pay 50%, large families (special category) and people with a level of disability of 33% or more are exempt.

How do I pay?

The Degree Certificate can be paid for when applying (with any type of debit or credit card), or in advance at any Ibercaja office. If you choose this second option, you should go to the Secretariat to collect the receipt that you should take to the bank when you pay. Once this has been paid, you must return to the Secretariat to continue the procedure.

The Degree Certificate application process is done instantly, and in just a few minutes we will provide a degree certificate application confirmation which will provisionally fulfil the purpose of the document until it can be issued.

What can I do if I can't personally go to the Faculty Secretariat?

In the event that you cannot personally complete the degree certificate application, you can authorize a third party to do it on your behalf. The authorization will not be valid if it is not accompanied by a copy of the ID documents of the student and the authorized person.

Authorization form

How much will it cost?

You can consult the rates here:    More information

Remember that if you are disabled or from a large family you have the right to fee waivers or reductions depending on the case, with documentation as proof.

When will I receive the Degree Certificate?

The delivery period is variable, as various different bodies are involved in the process. As a guide, the average time to issue and deliver a Degree Certificate is currently between six and twelve months.

Once we have your Degree Certificate, you will receive a letter to notify you, then you can come and collect it. It must be collected in person, with your ID document, NIE or passport. 

What if I cannot go to pick up my Degree Certificate in person?

  • If you cannot pick your Degree Certificate up in person, another person can do it on your behalf by power of attorney.
  • If you live outside of Zaragoza, in another province or outside of Spain, you can request that we send the Degree Certificate to the Government Delegation/Subdelegation in the province where you live, or the Embassy/Consulate in your country. For this, you have to send this application form, along with a copy of your ID document. We will send it to you and at the same time we will advise you of the exact address to which we have sent it.

According to Decree 108/2017, of 4th July, by the Government of Aragón, which sets the public prices for university academic services for the 2017/2018 academic year, from the 18th September 2017, postage will have the following rates:

Degree Certificate postage (Europe, including Spain)


Degree Certificate postage (outside Europe)


Delivery is personal, and as such under no circumstances will the Degree Certificate be handed over to third parties, even if they have authorization.

What do I do if I lose my Degree Certificate?

You can request a copy of the Degree Certificate. You must have a good reason to do this, for example theft or damage to the certificate. To obtain a copy, you must first request it from the Faculty Dean using a Request Form , handed in to the Secretariat, along with a photocopy of your valid ID document.

The Secretariat staff will guide you through the process and will tell you what to do. The wait time to receive the document is significantly longer than when you apply for the Degree Certificate for the first time, and can easily take longer than a year.

Given that the wait time for the copy can be significant, we recommend that if you urgently need to demonstrate that you have a degree, you request a complete academic certification. This includes the name of your degree and the date on which it was awarded.

Notarized copies

Copies of official degree certificates issued by the University of Zaragoza are notarized at the Permanent Training and Degree Certificates Section.

If you need to notarize a copy of the degree certificate request receipt document, you should go to the centre’s secretariat.


Permanent Training and Degree Certificates Section