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Line application and director

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To request a topic or thematic line and director, it is essential to have previously registered the UD or MD. 

Request deadline:


  1. Ordinary period:  September to  October.
  2. Extraordinary period: Those who register the UD/MD in the enrolment extension period in February will have a new application period. The selection of line and director will be limited to the existing vacant possibilities following the assignment of students who enrolled in the ordinary period.

Master's: from 21st to 28th February 2019, inclusive.

How to make an application:

It will be presented using the  request form, with two copies handed in to the Faculty Secretariat (the stamped copy will be handed in as a safety copy).

Students may apply for up to three thematic lines of those published within the established periods. You are recommended to apply for the three topics or thematic lines and directors, listed on the form in order of preference.

    Vacancies to request the topic and director for undergraduates from 1st February to 17th February

        Topics and thematic line proposals for undergraduates in the 2018/2019 academic year

        Topics and thematic line proposals for graduates in the 2018/2019 academic year

Allocation criteria:

The degree Coordinator will distribute the students equally amongst the professors, respecting the preferences of topics requested by the students as far as is possible and, where necessary, taking note of the average grade of the academic record for Undergraduate students and the criteria established by the degree Coordinator for Master’s students.

Once the proposal has been heard, the Commission for the Guarantee for Degree Quality will assign a thematic line and a director to each student.

The allocation will be valid for two academic years, which should be consecutive. After this time, the student will have to participate in the process of thematic line and director allocation again. Likewise, if the student wishes s/he can change the topic and/or director from one academic year to another, thus participating in the selection process for each academic year.

Important note: Once the topic or thematic line has been assigned, the student will confirm the dissertation title with the director. The title will be considered definitive when the Dissertation is deposited in the University of Zaragoza document repository (DEPOSITA), which must be done before the defence. It will be computerized so that is is part of the academic certificates and European Degree Supplement (EDS).

Notification of provisional award:

The provisional award will be published on the Department Notice Board and will serve the purpose of official notification for those interested in the procedure.

UNDERGRADUATE: 31st October 2018

MASTER’S: 12th March 2019

Appealing the provisional award:

It must be justified and will be presented before the degree Coordinator, in a period of 5 calendar days from the day following publication on the Department Notice Board.

Final award:

The final award will be published on the Notice Board on the Faculty’s website. This publication will serve as an official notification for those interested in the procedure.




Change of allocated topic and/or director

The degree Coordinator may modify the information included in the proposed topics and directors for dissertations at any time in the procedure until students have been given the final allocation of topics and directors for their dissertation.

The modifications made will be communicated to the Commission for the Guarantee of Quality of the Degree and the Department Secretariat, degree headquarters for publication and dissemination.