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Modules are graded as is laid out in the following table.


1. The mention of Honours may be awarded to students who have obtained a grade of 9.0 or more.

2. When it is a question of validation, adapting or accrediting a module for various studied elsewhere, the weighted average will be calculated.

3. Obtaining the average grade:

The average grade on the student’s record is obtained in the following way: sum of the credits obtained by the student, each one multiplied by the value of the corresponding grades and divided by the total number of credits obtained by the student.

Please note:

- If all the modules on the transcript have a quantitative grade from 0 to 10, the average will be out of 10.

- If part of the modules have numerical grades and part have qualitative grades, the average will be out of 10, in accordance with the Governing Board (27th June 2014). For modules that do not have numerical grades, the following equivalences will be applied, solely for the purposes of calculating the average grade. Honours (10); Outstanding (9); Good (8); Pass (6); Fail (2.5).

4. The grading systems must feature in the teaching guide. In any case, when a module is taught by more than one professor, the grade will be the result of the weighted average of the grades awarded by each one.

5. Disclosure of grades:

1. Exam grades will be made public by the professor responsible for teaching within a maximum period of fifteen calendar days following grading and with enough notice so that students can exercise their right to review prior to the end of the period for handing in records, approved by the Governing Body for the corresponding exam sitting, except those done in the last week of the exam period.

2. In the case of continuous evaluation, the student should find out their grade at least three days before the overall test to be able to choose to take it.

6. Grade consultation:

As of 1st February 2012, module grades can be consulted using mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets, etc.) with Android or iOS (Apple) operating systems, using a free application.

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