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Advancement of exam sitting

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Tue , 28/02/2023 - 10:00


  1. Have a maximum of one annual module or two semesterly/quarterly modules pending in order to achieve the qualification (not including the Final Year Dissertation).  The advancement will only be granted once.
  2. Having been evaluated in this in at least one exam sitting (unless it is a matter of modules with no teaching, corresponding to discontinued curricula).
  3. Be enrolled in the module for which the advancement is requested.
  4. Request the advancement at the Faculty Secretariat with the Request to the Dean form, within the enrolment periods laid out in the academic calendar:


Exam sitting to be brought forward

Application period

1st quarter/semester

September (brought forward to June)

February official enrolment period

1nd quarter/semester


June (brought forward to February)

September/October official enrolment period