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If you’re a student

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Fri , 17/03/2023 - 11:25

Generally speaking, room reservations must be made by professors. If you need a space for an activity, you should talk to the professor responsible for your module.

Nevertheless, via the space reservation website, you can request the use of the rooms that the Faculty has prepared for carrying out group work (García Arista Room in the Faculty, and the Work Room in the Library). Please follow the usage rules, which you can consult here 

García Arista Room           Work Room

Representatives of University of Zaragoza students and the associations represented by the University for the purposes of the institution may request reservation of spaces. For this, as well as studying the request in the space reservation programme, you should present this completed form to the Faculty's Professor Secretary. The activity for which the space is requested should be directly related to teaching or be in the general interest of the university community. You are recommended to request the space at least fifteen days in advance.


The person whose name the reservation is made in is responsible for the facilities and the space’s equipment. Time schedules must be respected and the space will be left clean and tidy. Any incidents must be reported to the Front Desk. In the event that the rules have not been met or the spaces have not been properly looked after, the Front Desk reserves the right to refuse those responsible access to the Faculty's spaces.

If the reserved space is not going to be used for any reason, please advise the Front Desk so it can be used for another activity. Your cooperation will allow us to better use and care for our resources.


For work rooms, you should fill out the reservation form that is provided on the website. Don’t forget to include your name, surname, and what you study. For other uses, remember that you should fill out this form.

Once your reservation has been requested, you will receive an email with the details of the request, which will not come into effect until you have received a second confirmation email. You should check that the confirmed reservation coincides with your request via the programme.