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Master’s Degree in Geographical Information Technology for Land Planning: MIS and Remote Sensing

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To provide knowledge relating to the theoretical foundation and practical development of Geographical Information Technology (GIT), using scientific rigour.
To provide sufficient training to understand, evaluate and develop GIT in a comprehensive way, to resolve problems related to land planning.
To train specialists in the most innovative GIT, with special focus on MIS, remote sensing and the edition and dissemination of geographical information.
To provide broad training, not only practical but also theoretical, which allows the rapid innovations being produced in this field to be correctly assimilated.
To educate professionals who efficiently respond to the existing social demand for GIT, both in the context of private businesses as well as in government.
To enable recycling, specialization and continuous training of active professionals and graduates, both in higher education teaching and research as a professional activity.

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Academic Year 2017-2018 and previous Academic Year 2018-2019

 Department: Geography and Land Planning

Coordinator: Fernando Pérez Cabello (