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Evaluation by Exam Board

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Mon , 20/03/2023 - 11:07

Exam Boards for the 5th and 6th exam sittings and extraordinary sittings:

In general, each student has six exam sittings in order to pass a module. The last two and, where applicable, extraordinary exam sittings, will be evaluated by an Exam Board, which may include the professor in charge of teaching the module. This assessment system cannot be waived, although you may request that you carry out the test with the rest of the students of the group, and subsequently delivery it to the Exam Board in an envelope.

Assessment by Exam Board at the student or professor’s request:


• it must be a final or comprehensive exam. It will not be considered for other types of exam under any circumstances.

• submit the request in writing, with justification.

Procedure and deadline:

The application will be presented using the Request to the Dean form, at least 20 calendar days before the assessment.

The professor in charge of teaching the module will not be on the Exam Board.