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Degree in Information and Documentation

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In an information-based society, information is always present and inundates our everyday surroundings, which are becoming more and more rich and complex. What’s more, in the 21st century we find ourselves in a situation in which Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is part of everything and evolves and develops at dizzying speeds.  Currently, the creation, diffusion, storage, processing and distribution of information is the both the means and the end by which modern society can currently create knowledge and provide solutions for daily life.

In this context, the real challenge, particularly for individuals and society in general, is managing and transforming ICT into a strategic resource, making the most of new knowledge to improve and facilitate decision making at all levels of personal and professional life, and in all social and economic fields.

As such, it is more necessary than ever for professionals to be able to manage a computer and documents, and make them available to institutions and society in general. The fundamental objective of the Degree in Information and Documentation is to train these professionals who are in charge of selecting, managing and preserving information and documentation, independent of their format or support.

Websites, libraries, social media, digital archives, citizen information, books, electronic publications, knowledge management...  These are words you’ll hear during this course’s classes.

Companies, public services, city councils, the media, electronic administration, non-governmental organizations... these will all be part of your day-to-day life.

Our objective is to turn you into a professional who is able to seek and organize information and create useful information products and services for these organizations. Information manager, documentalist, digital content editor, archivist, librarian, information consultant... these are the professions we will help you to discover.

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Academic year 2017-2018 and previousAcademic year 2018-2019

Dept.: Documentation Sciences and History of Science

Coordinator: Dr. Francisco Javier García Marco (